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Consultation item & Service

Irum Trading has a competitive product or technology. and would like to do business with various types of services export agency, import and export business, international public relations, customs refund, buyer discover, all work related to trade letter or documents.


food, health food, plant, cosmetics, electrical and electronic products, machinery, used agricultural machinery, medical equipment, quasi-drugs, pharmaceutical, italian luxury products, parallel imports etc

Liquor wholesaler

We have a license to handle alcoholic beverages in Korea and We import wine, whiskey, rum, cognac etc and have many suppliers and buyers.

Import/export permits and licenses

We provide overall support for import/export permits and licenses based on accumulated trade experience.

Consulting support

Diagnosis and consulting support for custom manufacturers, Proposal of a market suitable for the business item

Cooperation with partners

Cost reduction through business cooperation(airline, shipping company, customs broker, forwarding, quarantine, inland transportation etc)

Import/Export Agency

Customs clearance, support for personnel, trade finance support, communication support etc

CEO message

Irum trading has competitive products and distribution channel and acts as an agent for overall trade. We encourage your continued interest. Thank you.
Rachel Kim

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